CCT Routing & Switching 100-490 Dumps Update [2022] Real 100-490 RSTECH Exam Material

The CCT Routing & Switching 100-490 dumps have been updated with the latest exam practice material for 2022 to help you pass the 100-490 RSTECH exam with ease.
The 100-490 RSTECH exam is an acronym for the Supporting Cisco Routing & Switching Network Devices exam.
CCT Routing & Switching certification is one of the Cisco Entry exams, it also includes CCT Collaboration and CCT Data Center, you can find the corresponding exam materials on this site.
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You can start by practicing with a portion of the latest CCT Routing & Switching 100-490 dumps exam material:

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Question 1:

Which protocol does TFTP typically use for transport?





Question 2:

What are the two components of a WAN connection? (Choose two.)


B. router

C. bridge

D. hub

E. switch

Question 3:

Which device is a DTE device?


B. router

C. cable modem

D. DSL modem

Question 4:

Which layer of the OSI model defines how data is formatted for transmission and how access to the physical media is controlled?

A. presentation

B. data link

C. network

D. transport

Question 5:

Which type of physical connector does a Gigabit Ethernet port typically use?

A. RJ-9

B. RJ-45

C. DB-25

D. RJ-11

Question 6:

Which two pairs of LAN Ethernet devices use an RJ-45 straight-through cable? (Choose two.)

A. switch-to-switch

B. switch-to-router

C. switch-to-hub

D. router-to-router

E. switch-to-server

Question 7:

Which two features are associated with single-mode fiber-optic cable? (Choose two.)

A. consists of a single strand of glass fiber

B. has higher attenuation that multimode fiber

C. carries a higher bandwidth that multimode fiber

D. costs less than multimode fiber

E. operates over less distance than multimode fiber

Question 8:

Which type of transceiver module is used for 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity?





Question 9:

Which two ports on a laptop are used to gain console access to a Cisco switch? (Choose two.)

A. DB-9



D. RJ-11

E. RJ-45 Ethernet

Question 10:

Which two statements about a SmartJack are true? (Choose two.)

A. It provides signal conversion.

B. It acts as a concentration point for dial-in and dial-out connections.

C. It operates at Layer 2 of the OSI model.

D. It provides channel testing.

E. It regenerates the signal to compensate for signal degradation from line transmission.

Question 11:

The colored wires at one end of a cable are in reverse sequence to the colored wires at the other end of the cable. Which cable does this configuration describe?

A. rolled

B. crossover

C. coaxial

D. straight-through

Question 12:

The pins on an RJ-45 cable plug are numbered from 1 through 8. When the metal pins of the plug are facing toward you, pin 1 is the leftmost pin. Which two sets of pins are looped on an RJ-45 56K loopback plug? (Choose two.)

A. pins 2 and 7

B. pins 2 and 8

C. pins 2 and 5

D. pins 1 and 7

E. pins 1 and 4

Question 13:

How many pairs of copper wire does a UTP cable have?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

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