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TypeNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Free15Cisco Security Architecture for Account Managers700-760
Question 1:

What are two ways Cisco helps customers navigate compliance issues? (Choose two.)

A. Providing identity verification

B. Securing email communications

C. Ensuring all employees have access to all files

D. Removing reporting requirements

E. Removing bureaucratic security tags


Correct Answer: AC

Question 2:


Which two attack vectors are protected by NGFW? (Choose two.)

A. Web

B. Cloud

C. Mobile

D. Data Center

E. Email


Correct Answer: CD

Question 3:


Which are two reasons perimeter-based network security is no longer sufficient? (Choose two )

A. more vulnerabilities

B. more IT professionals

C. more networks

D. more devices

E. more users


Correct Answer: AD

Question 4:


Which two benefits of flexible purchasing does Cisco provide? (Choose two.)

A. Simplify the datacenter

B. Meet immediate needs

C. Roll out more solutions

D. Plan for the future

E. Reduce training needs


Correct Answer: AE

Question 5:


Which three factors should a customer consider when choosing the ideal security solution provider? (Choose three.)

A. Creates new market opportunities

B. Delivers excellent partner and customer support

C. Generates higher margins on each sale

D. Provides solutions at the lowest cost

E. Offers more than just niche products

F. Is committed to the security


Correct Answer: BEF

Question 6:


What are two steps customers can take to evolve into a trust-centric security philosophy? (Choose two.)

A. Limit internal access to networks.

B. Require and install agents on mobile devices.

C. Always verify and never trust everything inside and outside the perimeter.

D. Block BYOD devices.

E. Only grant access to authorized users and devices.


Correct Answer: AE

Question 7:


Which two Cisco products remediate network, cloud, and endpoint threats? (Choose two.)

A. Duo

B. Identity Services Engine

C. Stealthwatch

D. Cisco Security Connector

E. AMP for Endpoints


Correct Answer: BC

Question 8:


What are two of the key benefits of the Opportunity Incentive Program? (Choose two.)

A. Supports a focus on the customer lifecycle

B. Facilitates rapid quoting to decrease time to market

C. Incentivizes partner-driven opportunity creation efforts

D. Reinforces partner demand-generation capabilities

E. Strengthens customer success management


Correct Answer: BD

Question 9:


In which two ways has digitization transformed today\’s security threat landscape? (Choose two.)

A. Expanding complexity

B. Growing Ecosystem

C. Decreasing endpoint ecosystem

D. Decreasing 3rd party applications

E. Decreased access points


Correct Answer: AB

Question 10:


Which two attack vectors are protected by Remote Access VPN? (Choose two.)

A. Cloud

B. Campus and Branch

C. Voicemail

D. Mobile

E. Email


Correct Answer: DE

Question 11:


Which component of AMP provides the details customers need to address problems after a breach is identified?

A. Rapid remediation

B. Filesandboxmg

C. Continuous analysis

D. Context awareness


Correct Answer: A

Question 12:


What does remote access use to verify identity?


B. Remote Access VPN

C. Agents

D. AMP for Endpoints


Correct Answer: D

Question 13:


For what does ACI provide a single point of support?

A. automation

B. management

C. orchestration

D. visibility


Correct Answer: A

Question 14:


What are two key Cisco loT use cases? (Choose two.)

A. Mobile Utilities

B. Financial Institutions

C. Parks and Recreation

D. Industrial Security

E. Connected Health


Correct Answer: BE

Question 15:


Which two security areas are part of Cisco\’s web solutions? (Choose two.)

A. URL Filtering

B. Web Security

C. Email Security

D. Identity and Access Control

E. Malware Protection


Correct Answer: DE


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