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TypeNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Free15Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks500-490
Question 1:

Which component of the SD-Access fabric is responsible for communicating with networks that are external to the fabric?

A. edge nodes

B. control plane nodes

C. intermediate nodes

D. border nodes


Correct Answer: D

Question 2:


Which protocol runs between the vSmart controllers and between the vSmart controllers and the vEdge routers, and unifies all control plane functions under a single protocol umbrella?







Correct Answer: D

Question 3:


Which two statements regarding Cisco SD-WAN vEdge routers can mitigate DoS attacks against the infrastructure? (Choose two.)

A. Open Certificate Authority and automated enrollment feature.

B. By default, all incoming traffic is denied at the transport (WAN) side interfaces.

C. Only authorized controllers are allowed to communicate back to the vEdge router after the vEdge router establishes connections with the controllers.

D. In the case of direct Internet access, the only traffic allowed back is the traffic matching the state table entries on the vEdge router.

E. The vEdge routers run on hardened Linux operating systems.


Correct Answer: CE

Question 4:


Which two activities should occur during an SE\’s discovery process? (Choose two.)

A. Establishing credibility with the customer

B. Working with the customer to develop a reference architecture

C. Referencing the PPDIOO model to effectively facilitate the discussion

D. Gathering information about the current state of the customer\’s network environment

E. Mapping Cisco innovation to customer\’s needs


Correct Answer: AD

Question 5:


What are the three foundational elements required for the new operational paradigm? (Choose three.)

A. centralization

B. assurance

C. application QoS

D. multiple technologies at multiple OSI layers

E. policy-based automated provisioning of network

F. fabric


Correct Answer: BEF

Question 6:


Which Cisco products were incorporated into Cisco ISE between ISE releases 2.0 and 2.3?

A. Cisco ASA

B. Cisco ESA

C. Cisco ACS

D. Cisco WSA


Correct Answer: C

Question 7:


Which two Cisco ISE use cases typically involve the highest level of implementation complexity? (Choose two.)

A. Guest and wireless access

B. Software-defined access

C. Device management

D. Asset Visibility

E. Software-defined segmentation


Correct Answer: BE

Question 8:


How would Cisco ISE handle authentication for your printer that does not have a supplicant?

A. ISE would not authenticate the printer as printers are not subject to ISE authentication.

B. ISE would authenticate the printer using 802.1X authentication.

C. ISE would authenticate the printer using MAB.

D. ISE would authenticate the printer using web authentication.

E. ISE would authenticate the printer using MAC RADIUS authentication.


Correct Answer: C

Question 9:


Which three ways are SD-Access and ACI Fabric similar? (Choose three.)

A. use of overlays

B. use of Virtual Network IDs

C. focus on user endpoints

D. use of group policy

E. use of Endpoint Groups

F. use of Scalable Group Tags


Correct Answer: ABC

Question 10:


Which Cisco vEdge router offers 20 Gb of encrypted throughput?

A. Cisco vEdge 5000

B. Cisco vEdge 1000

C. Cisco vEdge 2000

D. Cisco vEdge 100


Correct Answer: A

Question 11:


Which are two Cisco recommendations that demonstrate SDA? (Choose two.)

A. Use the CLI to perform as much of the configuration as possible.

B. Show the customer how to integrate ISE into DNA Center at the end of the demo.

C. Focus on business benefits.

D. Keep the demo at a high level.

E. Be sure you explain the major technologies such as VXLAN and LISP in depth.


Correct Answer: CD

Question 12:


Which is a function of the Proactive Insights feature of Cisco DNA Center Assurance?

A. pointing out where the most serious issues are happening in the network

B. generating synthetic traffic to perform tests that raise awareness of potential network issues

C. enabling you to quickly view all of the contextual information related to a single user D. enabling you to see the complete path of packets from the client to the end application


Correct Answer: B

Question 13:


Which Cisco product supports SD-Access and is specifically built to address new challenges faced by enterprises?

A. Nexus 7700 w/ Sup2E and M3 line cards

B. ISR 4221

C. Catalyst 9500

D. ASR 1000-HX

E. CSRv virtual router

F. Catalyst 6807-XL w/Sup6T and C6800 10G line cards


Correct Answer: B

Question 14:


Which two statements are true regarding Cisco ISE? (Choose two.)

A. The major business outcomes of ISE are enhanced user experience and secure VLAN segmentation.

B. ISE plays a critical role in SD-Access.

C. Without integration with any other product, ISE can track the actual physical location of a wireless endpoint as it moves.

D. ISE can provide data about when a specific device is connected to the network.

E. An ISE deployment requires only a Cisco ISE network access control appliance.


Correct Answer: BD

Question 15:


Which two statements describes Cisco SD-Access? (Choose two.)

A. programmable overlays enabling network virtualization across the campus

B. an automated encryption/decryption engine for highly secured transport requirements

C. software-defined segmentation and policy enforcement based on user identity and group membership

D. a collection of tools and applications that are a combination of loose and tight coupling

E. an overlay for the wired infrastructure in which traffic is tunneled via a GRE tunnel to a mobility controller for policy and application visibility


Correct Answer: AC


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