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TypeNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Free15Cisco Enterprise Networks SDA, SDWAN and ISE Exam for System Engineers500-470
Question 1:

What two best describe self-healing functionality on vEdges? (Choose two.)

A. Software reconfiguration capability allowing for dynamic reconfiguration of existing channels

B. In the software upgrade process, rolling back to the previously running software image when connectivity to vManage fails

C. vManage detect routing outage detection to detect reachability outages and understand their scope and likely root cause

D. With configuration change, rolling back the configuration change when loss of connectivity to vManage


Correct Answer: BD

Question 2:


Which three statements best describe Cisco ISE configuration capabilities? (Choose three.)

A. ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) is a built-in application designed to accelerate the deployment of the Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE)

B. Cisco ISE includes a wireless setup wizard and visibility wizard.

C. ISE requires an understanding of the command line for set-up and configuration.

D. ISE wizards and pre-canned configurations ease ISE roll-out significantly.

E. Cisco Active Advisor provides additional guidance for ISE deployments


Correct Answer: ABE

Question 3:


Which three wireless product families are supported in the current DNA-C 1.1 release? (Choose three.)

A. AP 1260

B. WLC 8540

C. WLC 5508

D. AP 3800

E. WLC 3504


Correct Answer: BDE

Question 4:


Which three services must be enabled under the ISE Admin settings to successfully integrate ISE, when integrating ISE with DNA-C? (Choose three.)

A. SXP services

B. ServiceNow

C. Threat-Centric NAC

D. Infoblox

E. PxGrid

F. Passive Identity Service


Correct Answer: AEF

Reference: page

Question 5:


Which workflow is necessary for setting up a network hierarchy?

A. Provision

B. Design

C. Policy

D. Assurance


Correct Answer: B

Question 6:


Which are three functions used by ISE automation BYOD flow? (Choose three.)

A. Supplicant Provisioning

B. Device Registration

C. Certificate Enrollment

D. BioMetrics

E. LDAP Multi-Tenant Provisioning

F. Active Directory Group Membership


Correct Answer: ABC

Question 7:


Which are three Cisco ISE use cases? (Choose three.)


B. Assurance

C. Monitoring

D. Security Incident and Event Management

E. Access Control

F. Segmentation


Correct Answer: AEF

Question 8:


Which three statements are true regarding Cisco SDWAN license tiers? (Choose three.)

A. With a Pro license, control, and data policies are supported

B. With a Plus license, split-tunnel is supported

C. With a Pro license, unlimited segmentations are supported

D. With Plus license, Hub and spoke, partial mesh are supported

E. With an Enterprise license, analytics is included

F. With an Enterprise license, TCP optimization is not supported


Correct Answer: ABE

Question 9:


Which are three Cisco recommendations on “How to Win”? (Choose three.)

A. Talk about Cisco\’s focus on Security and integration with StealthWatch, Sourcefire, WSA, and vulnerability scanners to make smarter policy decisions.

B. Explain support for 3rd party network devices.

C. Explain the architectural advantage of a holistic Cisco solution.

D. Demonstrate complex policy flows, rather than showcase Wizards and enhanced context visibility.

E. Show case Cisco portfolio or ISE feature set during PoC


Correct Answer: ACE


Question 10:


Which two platforms can host a vEdge Cloud Router? (Choose two.)

A. Microsoft Azure

B. Dreamhost


D. DigitalCloud

E. Google


Correct Answer: AC

Question 11:


Which is a key function of a Digital Network?

A. Centralized provisioning

B. Software upgrades

C. Provides secure data plane with remote vEdge routers

D. Nat traversal


Correct Answer: C

Question 12:


Which three technologies are used in an SD-Access Fabric? (Choose three.)


B. TrustSec






Correct Answer: ACE

Question 13:


What is an example of Correlated Insights for SDA and Switching?

A. Excessive Onboarding Time

B. Roaming Pattern Analysis

C. Control Plane Reachability

D. AP License Utilization


Correct Answer: C

Reference: page 72

Question 14:


Which two factors are used in calculating the Cisco SD-WAN – 1yr, 3yr, or 5yr subscription cost? (Choose two.)

A. Service Bandwidth

B. Security

C. Routing Protocol

D. Features

E. Hypervisor Platform


Correct Answer: AD


Question 15:


Which two are the benefits of a WAN design? (Choose two.)

A. Prioritize and secure with granular control

B. Reduce cost and increase operational complexity

C. Lower circuit bandwidth requirements

D. Provide lower-quality service to guest users

E. Ensure remote site uptime


Correct Answer: AC



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