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New v3.1 written and practical exams begin testing at Cisco Live Amsterdam, on February 9, 2025 CCDE certification electives focusing on Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure will be offered.

In the new era, every industry is embracing AI, and Cisco is no exception.


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Question 1:

Which actions are performed at the distribution layer of the three-layer hierarchical network design model? (Choose two)

A. Fast transport

B. Reliability

C. QoS classification and marking boundary

D. Fault isolation

E. Redundancy and load balancing

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Question 2:

Company XYZ wants to use the FCAPS ISO standard for network management design. The focus of the design should be to minimize network outages by employing a set of procedures and activities to detect and isolate network issues and the appropriate corrective actions to overcome current issues and prevent them from occurring again. Which layer accomplishes this design requirement?

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Question 1:

A network architect must redesign a service provider edge, where multiservice and multitenant PEs are currently present. Which design feature should be minimized in the new design to achieve reliability?

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