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Free15Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE Written)400-007400-007 dumps
Question 1:

A network architect must redesign a service provider edge, where multiservice and multitenant PEs are currently present. Which design feature should be minimized in the new design to achieve reliability?

A. bridging

B. fate sharing

C. redundancy

D. unicast overlay routing


Correct Answer: B

Question 2:


Company XYZ has two routing domains in its network, EIGRP, and OSPF. The company wants to provide full reachability between the two domains by implementing redistribution on a router running both protocols. They need to design the redistribution in a way that the OSPF routers will see link costs added to external routes. How must the redistribution strategy be designed for this network?

A. Redistribute using metric type 2 into OSPF.

B. Redistribute using metric type 1 into OSPF.

C. Redistribute using metric type 1 into EIGRP.

D. Redistribute using metric type 2 into EIGRP.


Correct Answer: B re%20redistributed%20in%20OSPF,shown%20in%20Figure%2014%2D2.

Question 3:


Which three tools are used for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of a voice and video environment? (Choose three.)

A. flow-based analysis to measure the bandwidth mix of applications and their flows

B. call management analysis to identify network convergence-related failures

C. call management analysis to identify CAC failures and call quality issues

D. active monitoring via synthetic probes to measure loss, latency, and jitter

E. passive monitoring via synthetic probes to measure loss, latency, and jitter

F. flow-based analysis with PTP time-stamping to measure loss, latency, and jitter


Correct Answer: ACD

Question 4:


An enterprise that runs numerous proprietary applications has major issues with its- premises server estate hardware, to the point where business-critical functions are compromised. The enterprise accelerates plans to migrate services to the cloud. Which cloud service should be used if the enterprise wants to avoid hardware issues yet have control of its applications and operating system?

A. SaaS

B. PaaS

C. laaS

D. hybrid cloud


Correct Answer: C

Question 5:


Which main IoT migration aspect should be reviewed for a manufacturing plant?

A. Sensors

B. Security

C. Applications

D. Wi-Fi Infrastructure

E. Ethernet Switches


Correct Answer: A

Question 6:


You are designing the routing design for two merging companies that have overlapping IP address space. Which of these must you consider when developing the routing and NAT design?

A. Local to global NAT translation is done after routing

B. Global to local NAT translation is done before routing.

C. Local to global NAT translation is done before policy-based routing

D. Global to local NAT translation is done after policy-based routing.


Correct Answer: B

Question 7:


Identity and access management between multiple users and multiple applications has become a mandatory requirement for Company XYZ to fight against ever-increasing cybersecurity threats. To achieve this, federated identity services have been deployed in the Company XYZ network to provide single sign-on and Multi-Factor Authentication for the applications and services. Which protocol can be used by Company XYZ to provide authentication and authorization services?

A. OAuth2

B. OpenID Connect

C. OpenID

D. SAML2.0


Correct Answer: D

Question 8:


You have been asked to design a high-density wireless network for a university campus. Which two principles would you apply in order to maximize the wireless network capacity? (Choose two.)

A. Implement a four-channel design on 2.4 GHz to increase the number of available channels

B. Choose a high minimum data rate to reduce the duty cycle.

C. increases the number of SSlDs to load-balance the client traffic.

D. Make use of the 5-GHz band to reduce the spectrum utilization on 2.4 GHz when dual-band clients are used.

E. Enable 802.11n channel bonding on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to increase the maximum aggregated cell throughput.


Correct Answer: BD

Question 9:


Refer to the exhibit.

400-007 dumps questions 9

An engineer is designing the network for a multihomed customer running in AS 111 that does not have any other Ass connected to it. Which technology is more comprehensive to use in the design to make sure that the AS is not being used as a transit AS?

A. Configure the AS-set attribute to allow only routes from AS 111 to be propagated to the neighbor ASs.

B. Use the local preference attribute to configure your AS as a non-transit\’\’ AS.

C. include an AS path access list to send routes to the neighboring ASs that only have AS 111 in the AS path field.

D. Include a prefix list to only receive routes from neighboring ASs.


Correct Answer: C

Question 10:


What best describes the difference between Automation and Orchestration?

A. Automation refers to an automatic process for completing a single task and Orchestration refers to assembling and coordinating a set of tasks and conditions.

B. Automation describes a hands-off configuration process while Orchestration refers to sets of automation tasks that require the network administrator to coordinate

C. Automation refers to an automatic process for completing multiple tasks with conditions and Orchestration refers to executing tasks in parallel.

D. Automation refers to scripting languages (Python. Ansible etc.) and Orchestration refers to commercial products that control configuration deployment


Correct Answer: A

Question 11:


What are two top cloud-native security challenges faced by today\’s cloud-oriented organizations? (Choose two )

A. establishing user roles

B. polymorphism

C. lack of visibility and tracking

D. increased attack surface

E. user credential validation


Correct Answer: CD

Question 12:


Which two advantages of using DWDM over traditional optical networks are true? (Choose two.)

A. inherent topology flexibility and service protection provided without penalty through intelligent oversubscription of bandwidth reservation

B. ability to expand bandwidth over existing optical Infrastructure

C. inherent topology flexibility with built-in service protection

D. inherent topology flexibility with intelligent chromatic dispersion

E. inherent topology flexibility with service protection provided through direct integration with an upper layer protocol


Correct Answer: BC

Question 13:


In the case of outsourced IT services, the RTO is defined within the SLA. Which two support terms are often included in the SLA by IT and other service providers? (Choose two.)

A. network size and cost

B. support availability

C. network sustainability

D. network reliability

E. resolution time


Correct Answer: BE

Question 14:


A green data center is being deployed and a design requirement is to be able to readily scale server virtualization.

Which IETF standard technology can provide this requirement?

A. data center bridging

B. unified fabric

C. Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links

D. fabric path


Correct Answer: C

Question 15:


Which technology is an open-source infrastructure automation tool that automates repetitive tasks for users who work in networks such as cloud provisioning and intraservice orchestration?

A. Ansible

B. Contrail

C. Java

D. Jinja2


Correct Answer: A


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