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Next, let the following Cisco 700-755 SBTO Exam practice questions help you warm up:

Cisco 700-755 SBTO Exam Practice Questions

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What does the ISR 900 series router provide over the RV series routers?

A. more affordability
B. the incorporation of a 4-port unmanaged switch
C. the ability to add new services without changing equipment
D. cellular failover capability via a USB modem


Which Cisco Catalyst 9800 controller supports the SD-Access deployment mode only?

A. Cisco Catalyst 9800-CL
B. Embedded Wireless on a Switch
C. Cisco Catalyst 9800-L
D. Embedded Wireless Controller on Access Points


What is the behavior of Cisco AMP for Endpoints?

A. the top ten significant compromises are prominently displayed in the console
B. security compromises are graphically shown and color-coded by the device
C. prevents threats at the point of entry
D. allows a user to categorize events and endpoints by infection time


Which complete cloud solution product does Cisco offer for customers with less than 1000 users?

A. Cisco Webex Greenfields Bundle
B. Cisco Webex A-Flex Bundle
C. Cisco Webex Work Bundle
D. Cisco Webex Event Center Bundle


Which two products are considered a part of the Cisco Meraki full stack? (Choose two.)

A. MX security appliances
B. MR wireless access points
C. Catalyst switches
D. UCS servers
E. Aironet wireless access points


What are the two most frequent attack vectors used in cyber attacks against small businesses? (Choose two.)

A. malware
B. viruses
C. social engineering
D. phishing
E. pop-ups


How do Cisco Meraki devices behave if they are unable to contact the Meraki Cloud server?

A. The network devices continue to function normally (traffic flows at full line rate), but management and configuration functions are interrupted

B. The devices may be re-initiated into a backup mode if an administrator manually intervenes using a direct local connection

C. The network devices will attempt to establish a connection to a locally hosted database server that has been configured for high availability

D. The network stops passing traffic across all devices and their interfaces including any connected non-Cisco Meraki devices


Combining a Cisco Meraki MR access point and MS switch solution provides additional functionality over pairing with a Cisco Catalyst?

A. automated MDM onboarding
B. centralized management and configuration
C. Layer 7 application fingerprinting
D. remote cable troubleshooting


What are two of the benefits of leveraging Systems Manager Sentry in a Cisco Meraki full stack? (Choose two )

A. efficient management of client VPN settings and Wi-Fi security configurations
B. helps facilitate the rapid enrollment and onboarding of mobile devices
C. provides logging and generates consolidated reports of potential security vulnerabilities
D. entitles the organization to direct access to the SM group within Meraki Support
E. provides layer 7 application filtering for client network traffic


What are two network-wide features that should be included in a Cisco Meraki full stack demo? (Choose two )

A. Summary Report
B. CMX Location Analytics
C. L3 Scalability
D. Network Topology
E. Cisco AMP


Which approach describes the high-velocity Cisco Meraki sales cycle?

A. POC, QandA. Rollout
B. Compete Pilot, Support
C. Discover Design Demo
D. See, Try, Buy


Which two security tools allow administrators to maximize the security of their Dashboard management accounts? (Choose two )

A. Role-based administration
B. Local (direct) access only policies
C. Two-factor authentication
D. Biometric authentication
E. Captcha challenge-response tests

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