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TypeNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Free15Implementing Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Edge Solutions (CLCEI)300-820
Question 1:

In a Mobile and Remote Access deployment, where must communications be encrypted with TLS?

A. Cisco Expressway-E and endpoints outside the enterprise

B. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and IMandP

C. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager

D. Cisco Expressway-C, Cisco Expressway-E, and endpoints outside the enterprise


Correct Answer: D


Question 2:


Which media encryption mode can be configured on an Expressway zone?

A. Advanced Encryption Standard

B. IPsec

C. Triple Data Encryption Standard

D. force unencrypted


Correct Answer: D

Question 3:


An organization has a domain name of Which two SRV records are valid for a SIP and H 323 communication? (Choose two)







Correct Answer: BD

Question 4:


Refer to the exhibit.

300-820 dumps practice questions 4

Which two outbound connections should an administrator configure on the internal firewall? (Choose two.)

A. XMPP: TCP 7400

B. SIP: TCP 7001

C. SIP TCP 5061

D. Media: UDP 36012 to 59999

E. HTTPS: TCP 8443


Correct Answer: AB

The internal firewall must allow the following outbound connections from the Expressway-C to the Expressway-E: SIP: TCP 7001 Traversal media: UDP 2776 to 2777 (or 36000 to 36011 for large VM/appliance) XMPP: TCP 7400 HTTPS (tunneled over SSH between C and E): TCP 2222 Source: Official Cert Guide


Question 5:


Refer to the exhibit.

300-820 dumps practice questions 5

In an environment SIP devices are registered to CUCM and H.323 devices to VCS. What would be required to enable these calls to setup correctly?

A. Create a presearch transform.

B. Change the domain of SIP endpoint A to

C. Disable SIP in the external zone.

D. Change the interworking mode to On.


Correct Answer: D

Question 6:


Which DNS record and port combination must be resolved externally for Mobile and Remote Access to be used?

A. _collab-edge on port 8443

B. _cisco-uds-edge on port 5061

C. _collab-edge on port 5061

D. _cisco-uds on port 8443


Correct Answer: A

Question 7:


An MRA deployment is being configured where one of the requirements is for registered Jabber users to pull directory photos from an internal server. What should be configured on the Expressway-C so that MRA-registered clients reach this server?

A. A search rule must be created to route the requests to Cisco UCM.

B. The directory photo server must be added to the HTTP allow list.

C. A neighbor zone must be created to the directory photo server.

D. The directory photo server FQDN must be added to the Expressway-C certificate.


Correct Answer: B


Question 8:


Which SIP media encryption mode is applied by default for newly created zones in the Cisco Expressway?

A. Off

B. Auto

C. Force Encrypted

D. Best Effort


Correct Answer: B

Auto – no specific media encryption policy is applied by the Expressway. Media encryption is purely dependent on the target system/endpoint requests. This is the default behavior and is equivalent to how the Expressway operated before this feature was introduced.

Question 9:


What are two reasons why port 8443 is unreachable from the Internet to the Expressway- E? (Choose two.)

A. The MRA license is missing on the Expressway-E.

B. The Unified Communications zone is down.

C. Transform is not configured on Expressway-E.

D. The SRV record for _cisco-uds is misconfigured.

E. The firewall is blocking the port.


Correct Answer: BE

Question 10:


Which configuration is required when implementing Mobile and Remote Access on Cisco Expressway?


B. SAML authentication

C. Cisco Unified CM publisher address



Correct Answer: C

Question 11:


Which describes what could be done on the Expressway-E to successfully route calls from Expressway-C on the internal network to the Internet?

A. Application layer gateway could be enabled to bridge the media traffic.

B. A static NAT route could be added to the firewall to bridge the two networks.

C. The Expressway-E could be enabled for Dual-NIC capability.

D. The Expressway-E could be enabled for interworking.


Correct Answer: C

Question 12:


How does an administrator configure an Expressway to make sure an external caller cannot reach a specific internal address?

A. add the specific URI in the firewall section of the Expressway and block it

B. block the call with a call policy rule in the Expressway-E

C. add a search rule route all calls to the Cisco UCM

D. configure FAC for the destination alias on the Expressway


Correct Answer: B

Question 13:


What is the purpose of a transform in the Expressway server?

A. A transform has the function of a neighbor zone in the Expressway. It creates a connection with another server.

B. A transform changes the audio codec when the call goes through the Expressway.

C. A transform is used to route calls to a destination.

D. A transform changes an alias that matches certain criteria into another alias.


Correct Answer: D

Question 14:


An engineer wants to configure a zone on Expressway-E to receive communications from Expressway-C in order to allow inbound and outbound calls. How is the peer address configured on Expressway-C when Expressway-E has only one NIC enabled and is using static NAT mode?

A. Expressway-E FQDN


C. Expressway-E DHCP



Correct Answer: A


Question 15:


A call is sent by Cisco UCM to Expressway with a URI of [email protected].

If (7508…) @expc1a\.pod8\.test\.lab.* is the pattern string, what would be the replacement string of the transform in Expressway to re-write the call so that it becomes [email protected]?

A. \1@conf\.pod8.test.lab.@

B. \1@conf\.pod8\.test\lab.*

C. \[email protected]\.test\.lab

D. \1@conf\.pod8\.test.lab.!


Correct Answer: C



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