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TypeNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Free15Implementing and Operating Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR)350-801
Question 1:

What is the element of Cisco Collaboration infrastructure that allows Jabber clients outside of the network to register in Cisco Unified Communications Manager and use its resources?

A. Cisco IM and Presence node

B. Cisco Unified Border Element

C. Cisco Expressway

D. Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning server


Correct Answer: C

Question 2:


A Cisco Unity Connection Administrator must set a voice mailbox so that it can be accessed from a secondary device. Which configuration on the voice mailbox makes this change?

A. Attempt Forward routing rule

B. Alternate Extensions

C. Alternate Names

D. Mobile User


Correct Answer: B


Question 3:


Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration is required for SIP MWI integrations?

A. Select “Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery – Inbound” on the SIP trunk.

B. Enable “Accept presence subscription” on the SIP Trunk Security Profile.

C. Enable “Accept unsolicited notification” on the SIP Trunk Security Profile.

D. Select “Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery – Outbound” on the SIP trunk.


Correct Answer: C


Question 4:


An engineer troubleshoots poor voice quality on multiple calls. After looking at packet captures, the engineer notices high levels of jitter. Which two areas does the engineer check to prevent jitter? (Choose two.)

A. The network meets bandwidth requirements.

B. MTP is enabled on the SIP trunk to Cisco Unified Border Element.

C. Cisco UBE manages voice traffic, not data traffic.

D. All devices use wired connections instead of wireless connections.

E. Voice packets are classified and marked.


Correct Answer: AE


Question 5:


A customer has Cisco Unity Connections that are integrated with LDAP. As a Unity Connection administrator, you have received a request to change the first name of the VM user. Where must the change be performed?

A. Cisco Unity Connection

B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager end user

C. Active Directory

D. Cisco IM and Presence


Correct Answer: C

Question 6:


What is a characteristic of video traffic that governs QoS requirements for video?

A. Video is the typically variable bit rate.

B. Voice and video traffic are different, but they have the same QoS requirements.

C. Video typically constant bit rate.

D. Voice and video traffic are the same, so they have the same QoS requirements.


Correct Answer: A


Question 7:


An engineer encounters third-party devices that do not support Cisco Discovery Protocol. What must be configured on the network to allow device discovery?






Correct Answer: C

Question 8:


Multiple route patterns match a number. How do Cisco Unified Communications Managers determine which pattern to use?

A. the one that comes first in numerical order

B. the one with the longest match

C. the one with the closest match

D. the one that discards everything PreDot


Correct Answer: C


Question 9:


An engineer must extend the corporate phone system to mobile users connecting through the internet with their own devices. One requirement is to keep that as simple as possible for end users. Which infrastructure element achieves these goals?

A. Cisco Express Mobility

B. Cisco Expressway-C and Expressway-E

C. Cisco Unified Border Element

D. Cisco Unified Instant Messaging and Presence


Correct Answer: B


Question 10:


On which Cisco Unified Communications Manager nodes can the TFTP service be enabled?

A. any node

B. any two nodes

C. only nodes that have Cisco Unified CM service enabled

D. any subscriber nodes


Correct Answer: A


Question 11:


Which issue causes slips on a PRI?

A. incorrect clock source

B. incorrect encapsulation

C. incorrectly configured time zone

D. change in the line code


Correct Answer: A

Question 12:


Which command is used in the Cisco IOS XE TDM gateway to configure the voice T1/E1 controller to provide clocking?

A. clock source line

B. Cisco IOS XE TDM gateway T1/E1 controller cannot provide clocking.

C. clocking source internal

D. clocking source network


Correct Answer: D


Question 13:


Refer to the exhibit.

350-801 dumps practice questions 13

This INVITE is sent to an endpoint that only supports G729. What must be done for this call to succeed?

A. Nothing: both sides support G.729.

B. Add a transcoder that supports G711ulaw and G.729.

C. Add a media termination point that supports G.711ulaw and G.729.

D. Nothing: both sides support payload type 101.


Correct Answer: B


Question 14:


Which action prevents toll fraud in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. Implement toll fraud restriction in the Cisco IOS router.

B. Implement route patterns in Cisco Unified CM.

C. Allow off-net to off-net transfers.

D. Configure ad hoc conference restriction.


Correct Answer: D


Question 15:


A user forwards a corporate number to an international number. What are two methods to prevent this forwarded call? (Choose two.)

A. Set the Call Classification to OnNet for the international route pattern.

B. Block international dial patterns in the SIP trunk CSS.

C. Configure a Forced Authorization Code on the international route pattern.

D. Set Call Forward All CSS to restrict international dial patterns.

E. Check Route Next Hop By Calling Party Number on the international route pattern.


Correct Answer: CD



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