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TypeNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Free15Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR)350-901
Question 1:

Which two situations are flagged by software tools designed for dependency checking in continuous integration environments, such as OWASP? (Choose two.)

A. publicly disclosed vulnerabilities related to the included dependencies

B. mismatches in coding styles and conventions in the included dependencies

C. incompatible licenses in the included dependencies

D. test case failures introduced by bugs in the included dependencies

E. buffer overflows to occur as the result of a combination of the included dependencies


Correct Answer: AE

Question 2:


A user is receiving a 429 Too Many Requests error. Which scheme is the server employing that causes this error?

A. rate limiting

B. time outs

C. caching

D. redirection


Correct Answer: A

Question 3:


What is the benefit of implementing a Cl pipeline?

A. enforces version control

B. enables a faster feedback loop

C. ensures that tests are written before code is written

D. decreases external dependencies


Correct Answer: C

Question 4:


Which HTTP status code indicates that a client application is experiencing intentional rate limiting by the server?

A. 202

B. 401

C. 429

D. 503


Correct Answer: C


Question 5:


Referring to the exhibit Pipenv is used to manage dependencies The test funs successfully on a local environment. What is the reason for the error when running the test on a CI\’CD pipeline?

A. The people in the local environment were not pushed to the remote repository

B. All the unit tests in tests py failed

C. Pytest did not detect any functions that start with test_\’.

D. Nose2 was not used as the test runner


Correct Answer: A

Question 6:


An organization manages a large cloud-deployed application that employs a microservices architecture across multiple data centers. Reports have been received about application slowness. The container orchestration logs show that faults have been raised in a variety of containers that caused them to fail and then spin up brand-new instances.

Which two actions can improve the design of the application to identify the faults? (Choose two.)

A. Automatically pull out the container that fails the most over a time period.

B. Implement a tagging methodology that follows the application execution from service to service.

C. Add logging on exception and provide the immediate notification.

D. Do a write to the datastore every time there is an application failure.

E. Implement an SNMP logging system with alerts in case a network link is slow.


Correct Answer: BC

Question 7:


Refer to the exhibit.

350-901 dumps practice questions 7

A network engineer writes a script to test authentication workflow using Python and REST API. The engineer wants to ensure that the script handles expected errors by matching output to HTTP status codes The script uses the Python requests module. Which line of code must be added on the snippet where the code is missing?

A. requests.error_code

B. response.sutus_code

C. response

D. requests. post


Correct Answer: C

Question 8:


A developer deploys an SQLite database in a Docker container. Single-use secret keys are generated each time a user accesses the database. The keys expire after 24 hours. Where should the keys be stored?

A. Outside of the Docker container in the source code of applications that connect to the SQLite database.

B. In a separate file inside the Docker container that runs the SQLite database.

C. In an encrypted database table within the SQLite database.

D. In a separate storage volume within the Docker container.


Correct Answer: D


Question 9:


Refer to the exhibit.

350-901 dumps practice questions 9

Which set of API requests must be executed by a Webex Teams bot after receiving a webhook callback to process messages in a room and reply with a new message back to the same room?

350-901 dumps practice questions 9-1

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D


Correct Answer: D

Question 10:


Which load-balancing algorithm balances load based on the active sessions of a node?

A. weighted round-robin

B. IP source affinity

C. least connections

D. sticky session


Correct Answer: C

Question 11:


User report that they can no longer process transactions with the online ordering application, and the logging dashboard is displaying these messages.

Fri Jan 10 19:37:31.123 EST 2020 [FRONTEND] INFO: Incoming request to add the item to cart from user 45834534858

Fri Jan 10 19:37:31 247 EST 2020 [BACKEND] INFO: Attempting to add the item to cart

Fri Jan 10 19:37:31 250 EST 2020 [BACKEND] ERROR: Failed to add an item: MYSQLDB ERROR: Connection refused

What is causing the problem seen in these log messages?

A. The database server container has crashed.

B. The backend process is overwhelmed with too many transactions.

C. The backend is not authorized to commit to the database.

D. The user is not authorized to add the item to their cart.


Correct Answer: A

Question 12:


An engineer must enable an SSID in a Meraki network. Which request accomplishes this task?

A. PUT /networks/{networkld}/ssids/{number} {“enable”: true)

B. POST /networks/{networkid}/ssids/{number) {“enable”: true)

C. PUT /networks/{networkld}/ssids/{number}?enabled=true

D. POST /networks/{networkid}/sslds/{number}?enabled=true


Correct Answer: A

Question 13:


An automated solution is needed to configure VMs in numerous cloud provider environments to connect the environments to an SDWAN. The SDWAN edge VM is provided as an image in each of the relevant clouds and can be given an identity and all required configurations via cloud-init without needing to log into the VM once online.

Which configuration management and/or automation tooling is needed for this solution?

A. Ansible

B. Ansible and Terraform


D. Terraform

E. Ansible and NSO


Correct Answer: D

Question 14:


An Etag header is included in the HTTP response for an API resource. What are the two benefits of using the value of the Etag for future interactions involving the same API resource? (Choose two.)

A. caching and optimization of response payloads

B. creating conditional requests

C. categorizing and comparing this API resource with others

D. checking the integrity of the resource

E. requesting the list of operations authorized for this resource


Correct Answer: AB


Question 15:


How is client code that consumes gRPC telemetry implemented, assuming that the preferred language is able to be chosen?

A. Parse the OpenAPI spec model

B. Compile the protocol buffers IDL

C. Leverage a Thrift code generator to parse a Thrift IDL

D. Review the Swagger API documentation to build client code


Correct Answer: C


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