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TypeNumber of exam questionsExam nameExam code
Free15Cisco Unified Contact Center Express500-052
Question 1:

What is the maximum number of CTI ports that can be supported by a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Standard deployment?

A. 150

B. 200

C. 300

D. 400


Correct Answer: C

Question 2:


A preview outbound dialer uses which source and destination resources?

A. a CTI port to the customer

B. the ACD line of the agent to the customer

C. the personal line of the agent to the customer

D. a CTI port to the agent, then redirected to the customer


Correct Answer: B

Question 3:


An organization wants to collect an account number from a customer via IVR prompting.

Then, using a keystroke macro, the customer wants to insert the account number into the account number field in the agent\’s CRM desktop application.

The keystroke macro will also initiate the CRM desktop application, executing a database lookup from the CRM Database server to retrieve the customer record.

Assuming the organization wants the lowest cost solution, what product does this organization need for this capability?

A. Cisco Unified CCX Standard

B. Cisco Unified CCX Enhanced

C. Cisco Unified CCX Premium

D. Cisco Unified CCX Enterprise

E. Cisco Unified IP IVR


Correct Answer: B

Question 4:


Agent Email is a Cisco Unified CCX feature available in which of these packages?

A. Premium, Enhanced, and Standard

B. Premium only

C. Premium and Standard

D. Premium and Enhanced


Correct Answer: B

Question 5:


What is the maximum round-trip time between Cisco Unified Contact Center Express servers in a WAN deployment?

A. 2 ms

B. 10 ms

C. 50 ms

D. 80 ms


Correct Answer: D

Question 6:


Which three options cannot be validated using the Cisco Unified Communications Sizing Tool in a Cisco Unified CCX deployment configuration? (Choose three.)

A. number of silent-monitoring and remote-monitoring sessions

B. bandwidth requirement between Cisco Unified CCX and SocialMiner in an agent web chat deployment

C. number of historical reporting sessions

D. bandwidth requirement for remote agents who are connected over a WAN to Cisco Unified CCX

E. number of ASR and TTS ports

F. bandwidth requirement between two Cisco Unified CCX nodes in a high availability over WAN deployment


Correct Answer: BDF

Question 7:


A Cisco Unified CCX deployment is licensed for 120 agent seats, out of which 70 agents log in as chat agents via an independent browser. How many agents will be able to service voice calls via Cisco Agent Desktop in this scenario?

A. 50

B. 70

C. 120

D. 190


Correct Answer: C

Question 8:


What is the maximum number of agent web chat sessions that are supported on the highest-class server?

A. 25

B. 50

C. 75

D. 100


Correct Answer: B

Question 9:


What is the minimum package that is required to develop a custom Cisco Unified Intelligence Center report for a Cisco Unified CCX deployment?

A. Cisco Unified CCX Premium

B. Cisco Unified CCX Enhanced

C. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Premium

D. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Standard


Correct Answer: C

Question 10:


A customer purchases 200 Cisco Unified CCX Premium agent seats.

Which two additional items must the customer purchase to be able to run a 30-port outbound IVR

campaign? (Choose two.)

A. 30 outbound IVR ports

B. 15 agent seats

C. gateway

D. router


Correct Answer: AC

Question 11:


Which three components are installed from the Cisco Unified CCX Installer media? (Choose three.)

A. iPlanet Web Server

B. Cisco Unified CCX Engine

C. Cisco Unified Operations Manager

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

E. Recording Component

F. Informix DB


Correct Answer: BEF

Question 12:


Which two items are automatically installed on the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express server by the Cisco Unified Contact Center Installer? (Choose two.)

A. IVR System Prompts

B. Cisco Supervisor Desktop

C. Cisco Unified Communications Operating System

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

E. Workforce Management


Correct Answer: AC

Question 13:


Which of the following is not an input that is required when you install Cisco Unified CCX?

A. application username

B. platform administrator username

C. IP address

D. default language

E. time zone


Correct Answer: D

Question 14:


The Cisco Unified CCX license MAC is generated based on which three items? (Choose three.)

A. hostname

B. IP address

C. gateway address

D. physical MAC

E. Cisco Unified CCX version


Correct Answer: ABC

Question 15:


Which two tasks must an administrator perform on Cisco Desktop Administrator to support presence integration? (Choose two.)

A. Assign a contact list to a CSQ.

B. Assign a contact list to a workflow group.

C. Assign an SME to a contact list.

D. Assign a contact list to a skill.

E. Assign an SME to a CSQ.


Correct Answer: BC



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