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Next, let the following Cisco 300-630 DCACIA Exam practice questions help you warm up:

Cisco 300-630 DCACIA Exam Practice Questions


What is the purpose of the Forwarding Tag (FTAG) in Cisco ACI?

A. FTAG is used in Cisco ACI to add a label to the iVXLAN traffic in the fabric to apply the correct policy.
B. FTAG is used in Cisco ACI to add a label to the VXLAN traffic in the fabric to apply the correct policy.
C. FTAG trees in Cisco ACI are used to load balance unicast traffic.
D. FTAG trees in Cisco ACI are used to load balance multi-destination traffic.

Correct Answer: D



Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the subnets and flags from the left into the External Network Instance Profile policies on the right to create a setup that advertises only and prefixes in VRF1 and establishes connectivity between VRFs. Not all options are used.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


What is the use of the Overlay Multicast TEP in Cisco ACI Multi-Site communication?

A. to perform headend replication
B. to act as the source IP for BUM traffic
C. to establish MP-BGP adjacencies with remote spines
D. to send and receive unicast VXLAN data plane traffic

Correct Answer: B


What is a design implication for Cisco ACI using an application-centric approach?

A. Multiple VLANs and/or multiple EPGs are under one bridge domain
B. VLAN numbers are in the names of the bridge domain and EPG objects
C. One EPG is mapped to multiple bridge domains
D. One VLAN equals one EPG equals one bridge domain

Correct Answer: 4


An engineer configures a new Cisco ACI Multi-Site Orchestrator node to join an MSO cluster. Which two components are necessary to ensure that the new node has IP connectivity in this configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco ACI spine interfaces that are connected to ISN
B. Cisco APICs over the OOB management network
C. existing Cisco ACI Multi-Site Orchestrator node
D. management IP of ESXi hosts where the controllers are deployed
E. OOB interface of ISN

Correct Answer: BC


Cisco ACI fabric is migrated from network-centric mode to application-centric mode. What is possible in an application-centric design?

A. remapping of VLAN pools
B. migration of bare metal servers to virtual machines
C. creation of additional EPGs under one bridge domain
D. Cisco ACI VMM integration with hypervisors

Correct Answer: C



An engineer must migrate servers from a legacy data center infrastructure to a Cisco ACI fabric. Drag and drop the steps from the left into the order that they must be completed on the right to ensure the least amount of downtime.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


What does the VXLAN source port add to the overlay packet forwarding when it uses the hash of Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 headers of the inner packet?

B. TCP optimization
C. disabled fragmentation
D. jumbo frames

Correct Answer: A


An engineer configures a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod for disaster recovery. Which action should be taken for the new nodes to be discoverable by the existing Cisco APICs?

A. Enable subinterfaces with dot1q tagging on all links between the IPN routers.
B. Configure IGMPv3 on the interfaces of IPN routers that face the Cisco ACI spine.
C. Enable DHCP relay on all links that are connected to Cisco ACI spines on IPN devices.
D. Configure BGP as the underlay protocol in IPN.

Correct Answer: B


An engineer must limit local and remote endpoint learning to the bridge domain subnet. Which action should be taken inside the Cisco APIC?

A. Disable Remote EP Learn
B. Enable Enforce Subnet Check
C. Disable Endpoint Dataplane Learning
D. Enable Limit IP Learning to Subnet

Correct Answer: B


What are two characteristics of network-centric design in Cisco ACI? (Choose two.)

A. There is open communication between EPGs
B. EPGs are used for micro-segmentation
C. EPGs are different security zones
D. Applications define the network requirements
E. A bridge domain has one subnet and one EPG

Correct Answer: BE


Which feature should be disabled on a bridge domain when a default gateway for endpoints is on an external device instead of a Cisco ACI bridge domain SVI?

A. unicast-routing
B. ARP flooding
C. unknown unicast flooding
D. proxy ARP

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit. Which two configurations enable inter-VRF communication? (Choose two.)

A. Set the subnet scope to Shared Between VRFs
B. Enable Advertise Externally under the subnet scope
C. Change the contract scope to Tenant
D. Change the subject scope to VRF
E. Export the contract and import as a contract interface

Correct Answer: BE


An organization expands a Cisco ACI Multi-Pod from two to six pods and must ensure that the control plane scales.

What should be configured in the IPN to ensure that BUM traffic is forwarded efficiently across the IPN?

A. spine headend replication

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit. A customer experiences resource overconsumption on one of its border leaf switches. Which action should be taken to reduce the consumption of this switch?

A. Disable VRF Policy Control Enforcement
B. Disable IP Data Plane Learning
C. Migrate L3Outs to another switch
D. Disable Remote EP Learning

Correct Answer: B


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